Get from inspiration to action with the Fear Follower Canvas

Find what holds you back

Use the canvas to surface your fears and the excuses that keep you from taking action.

Break it down

Find out the exact steps you need to take to follow your fear. Keep yourself from getting overwhelmed and start making progress

Know when you're done

If you started achieving your goals, how will you know you've succeeded? Use the canvas to find out!

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Is there something you've always wanted to do? Does it seem overwhelming? Get it done using the Fear Follower Canvas!

The Fear Follower Canvas

We're launching this canvas is conjuction with this years Follow Your Fear Day event. Each year, we encourage people to do one thing they've always wanted to do. Through our three years of running the event, we've learned many of the ways that our fear followers have been successful. We've consolidated that knowledge into the Fear Follower Canvas so that you can start achieving your dreams too!

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